It’s Easier to Ask Forgiveness Than It Is To Get Permission

Think of each possible thing you could do in a day to improve your workflow and write it down. Then use this journal, to sum up the risk/reward ratio.

Typically in any organization, doing it internally is lower risk. Gaining traction is better than doing nothing.

So what's the perfect example?

I think From "No" to "How?" summed it up nicely (It's a light read).

too long; didn't read

Build a blog and start writing about what you did, what worked, what didn't and how you could improve.

Then ask for help with the top idea you have to improve your work. Highest reward and lowest risk items first.

Once you pick this, have a bias for action and own it!

Pick one that matches your brand.

Then when you see success from this, toot your own horn.

If it fails, be prepared to ask for forgiveness.

If it fails and no one cares, then you are probably fine to move on to the next idea.

It's more than likely your first shot will fail, so maybe pick one you don't care about as much and see how it failed and learn from it.